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White Certificates

Suppliers or distributors of electricity, gas and fuels are required to undertake energy efficiency measures in the energy delivered to the end user according to a binding target.

White certificates are issued whenever an amount of energy is saved and when the proper documentation is files to the administration, once issued it is a tradable asset. Energy producers use them to meet their energy savings targets, whether these are obtained inside their facilities or purchased on a secondary market. A wide range of methodologies are eligible to obtain White Certificates including building renovation, industrial processes optimization, transportation.

When an energy provider does not meet the energy savings targets, a penalty is imposed by the administration.
In Europe, several countries have implemented this system under various names:

  • France: Certificats d’Économie d’Énergie (CEE)
  • Poland: Biale Certyfikaty
  • Italy: Titoli di Efficienza Energetica