Emissions trading

The aim of emissions trading is to achieve emissions reductions at the lowest economic cost, hence making it possible for politicians to set ambitious emission reduction goals.

The basic principle of a “cap-and-trade” system is that an emissions cap is set that corresponds to environmental goals. One emitter then reduces its emissions, and sells this reduction to another party, who then uses this reduction to meet its emissions goal. The market sets the price of emissions at which sufficient reductions can happen to meet the overall cap.

Please navigate these pages to learn about the benefits you get by engaging with our emissions trading products, services and people.

The products we broker include spot and forward trades of EU Allowances, EU Aviation Allowances, CERs; swaps between vintages and different instruments; repos and forward transactions with advance funding for raising working capital. 

You can learn more about the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and the Kyoto Mechanisms here.

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