Our people

Our people


James Atkins -  Managing Director, Board Member
James founded the forerunner of Vertis in 1998 and then in 2001, jointly with Paul Bodnar, launched Vertis as a carbon finance and emissions trading business. Under his guidance, Vertis has pioneered emissions trading in Central and Eastern Europe. Previously, James was a manager in the corporate finance group at Deloitte & Touche Central Europe and worked for Arthur Andersen and Waste Management International PLC in the UK and Germany. He graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Modern Languages and is a UK Chartered Accountant. He is also the author of Climate Change for Football Fans, a humorous but serious book on climate change policy, and a related blog, The Bustard.

Barna Baráth - Managing Director, Board Member
Barna joined Vertis in 2002 and was Vertis' CEO until September 2013. Earlier Barna spent seven years as a senior executive of Diageo plc, a global drinks business, developing its global e-business strategy and setting up its Corporate Ventures arm in London. He was previously in senior finance and IT roles with Diageo in Central Europe. Barna has lived and worked in Hungary, the United States, across Central Europe and in the United Kingdom. He graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a degree in Economics, then he studied corporate finance at the London Business School. Barna has recently
converted a 1930’s villa into a low energy house.


Marc Falguera von Niessen -  Managing Director
Marc was appointed Managing Director of Vertis in January 2017 after having spent over four years with the Company. He began in Budapest covering the Spanish and Portuguese markets and in 2014 moved to Madrid to set up Vertis’ Iberian franchise. Before joining Vertis, Marc worked for GE in Hungary for three years and then was sales and marketing manager for an automobile parts manufacturer in Barcelona. He graduated in 2006 with a degree from Corvinus University in Budapest.

Jernej Kozlevčar - Board Member
Jernej earned University and Master of Science degree both from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. As his first business challenge he joined a regional brokerage house as a capital markets analyst. Later on he left to work for the largest Slovenian asset management company, where he successfully managed mutual funds and participated in the establishment of the asset management department. During that time he also served as a Member of the Supervisory Board of several asset management companies. In 2015 he left his position as Head of Asset Management Division and joined one of the largest independent global carbon trading companies, Belektron as Director.


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