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Do you want to achieve something special? Come and work with us!

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Do you want to achieve something special? Come and work with us!

There’s not much difference between a cogwheel and a star. It’s the same shape, just the cogwheel does not have the chance to shine. It doesn’t have any space and it has to conform with everyone else.

Know that feeling?


  • If you feel you have a lot more to give, lots more potential to be realised, but you need space and independence to flourish;
  • if you have lots of creativity but company policy won’t let you exploit it;
  • if you have far too much energy to squeeze into the old 9 to 5;
  • if tick-boxes leave you brain dead;
  • and if you have the guts to be in a place where everything you do makes a difference;
  • and if you’d really like to help us figure out how to make a difference (and make some money while we are at it) …

then you’ll flourish here and you’ll love it.

Email our Head of Recruitment on:

At the moment we are looking for great people for the following roles:

Head of Climate Action

Check details and apply

Position located in Madrid; Fuent English, another European language is a plus

Description:Looking for a job with real purpose? Your search ends here.

We’re in the search for a radical leader in sustainability. A leader who will leave a legacy. A leader who can drive forward our mission to save our beautiful planet. How? By being the leading force in transitioning ‘dirty businesses’ to a low carbon economy.


Climate Action Business Development

Check details and apply

Position located in Madrid; Fuent English, another European language is a plus
Description:We are looking for a passionate individual with a few years of quality experience in renewable energy, climate change and/or sustainability services 
We offer an opportunity to become a key member of a team of specialists and professionals in one of the fastest growing markets focused on climate action.

Junior IT Operations Specialist

Check details and apply

Position located in Budapest; Native Hungarian,Fluent English
Description: Are you passionate about IT? Do you like to learn new things? Are you precise and paying attention to the details? Do you like to be a team player? Join our IT sector and boost your career.

Junior Back Office Analyst

Check details and apply

Position located in Budapest; Native Hungarian,Fluent English
Description: As a Junior Back Office Analyst, you will become a member of a team of professionals supporting front-line business growth in environmental commodities trading.

Market analyst

Check details and apply

Position located in Budapest; Fluent English
Description:  As a market analyst, you will become a member of a team of professionals and working for a pioneer in environmental commodities trading. This is a key role to act as the market intelligent expert providing actionable analysis for our sales traders. It will suit a passionate and dedicated analyst with carbon market expertise and excellent communication skills.

Junior Corporate Sales Trader - CZECH
Check details and apply

Position located in Warsaw, Native Czech, Fluent English

Description: Join our Carbon Trading Desk as a Junior Corporate Sales for Czech Republic and help your clients understand and trade the CO2 market. Become an expert in carbon commodity trading, master your sales skills, build your portfolio and forge your place in one of the fastest growing global industries while it’s still young

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You haven't found the position you were looking for? We are constantly looking for talented people, so feel free to send your application!

Find out more about working with us

We are an innovative, international company providing a professional, high-calibre working environment with strong opportunities for personal development and financial upside.

What you get with us

  • International and multicultural work environment
  • Not a multinational - the individual makes the difference, not the process
  • No politics and fast decisions to let you get on with your job
  • Young team
  • High financial rewards if you do well
  • A 100 billion dollar, fast changing industry
  • Multi-disciplinary work (sales, marketing, financial, legal, technical)
  • Support & training if you ask for it
  • Flexible working conditions – performance matters, not the hours or the place
Are you the kind of person we look for?
We are not for everybody. It takes a special kind of person to succeed with us. We want to work with inspiring people who will thrive on the freedom and opportunities we offer.

Building relationships
Relationships are at the core of everything we do. Relationships with decision makers are key to understanding our clients and fulfilling their needs. Our people can build relationships with both customers and colleagues. Only those who can trust and can be trusted can do well with us. We look for people who can inspire and excite those around them.

Entrepreneurs identify and solve problems profitably. We look for people who are great listeners, can identify what the clients’ real problems are, and can find innovative ways to solve them. Ideas alone are not enough though, our people need to deliver. We create an environment where people have the infrastructure, capital, intellectual support and fast decision making to do well.

Professionalism & inner drive
“Good isn’t enough”. Wanting to be the best comes from within. If you can’t stand mediocrity, talk to us. If you want to be productive instead of busy, we would like to hear from you.

Investing in yourself
We will provide you with the training to be confident about your knowledge. We will give you the support you need to identify your strengths and development needs, and fulfil your potential. However, you will need to drive your personal development.

Taking shortcuts does not work with us.

Call us via Skype or contact directly our traders.

Szánthó, Péter - HU
Falguera, Marc - ES
Belinchón, Verónica - ES
Blanke, Marco - DE
Bujacz, Tomasz - PL
Wilamowski, Bartosz - PL
Verger, Guillaume - FR
José M. García Berrendero - ES, PT
Kolaciova, Katerina - Aviation, CZ, SK
Abajas, Africa - Aviation
Gordziel, Christian - DE
Manea, Florentina - RO
Härmatis, Alexandra - SE, NO, DK

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