Guarantees of origin

Get your power from green sources.

Guarantees of origin

Get your power from green sources.


A Guarantee of origin, GO, is a certificate used to report the origin of produced and consumed energy in Europe, the only tool for consumers to know where their electricity comes from.



  It’s an easy way to improve your sustainability ratings by consuming certified green electricity

  The cross-boarder system makes them easy to track, which means no "double counting”.

  An efficient way of reducing your CO
2 footprint




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Renewable Energy - non European countries

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECS), 1 REC = 1 MWh of energy produced from renewable sources. The REC is issued when the MWh of green energy is generated and delivered to the grid. It is tradable for non European countries
International RECS (I-RECS) originate in best practice from North America. They are issued for renewable energy projects and work the same way as GOs and RECs. They are issued, transferred and redeemed in the I-RECS registry.

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