Aviation carbon

We deal with 300 aviation operators worldwide.

Aviation carbon

We deal with 300 aviation operators worldwide.

Have the right strategy for EU ETS compliance. Get ready for CORSIA. Help your customers fly green.

These are the areas where we can help you:


  • Understanding how CORSIA will affect your business

  • Getting your business ready for CORSIA

  • Handling your EU ETS compliance and administration

  • Setting up a trading account to trade in the EU ETS

  • Training your in-house team in emissions trading and environmental issues affecting aviation

We have a team based in our Madrid office dedicated to aviation and emissions. Our head of aviation, Africa Abajas, has worked in the aviation industry since 2005 and has a rich network of connections with the authorities, industry bodies and operators.

Get in touch with Africa:

Africa Abajas
Head of Aviation Services
+34 600 954 407

Aviation in the ETS

Find out how aviation is integrated into the EU ETS.


Get ready for CORSIA.

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