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48th Congress of the Italian Paper Industry  Riva del Garda18-19 mai 2017
Navigating CORSIA and EU ETSMadrid29 noiembrie 2016
V Emissions & Energy Trading SummitVarșovia26 octombrie 2016
CERSAIE 2016Bologna26-30 septembrie 2016
Energy and Environment International Trade Fair GeneraMadrid15-17 iunie 2016
Carbon Expo 2016Cologne25-27 mai 2016
3rd Slovak Emission TradingVyhne23 februarie 2016

Vertis in presă

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13 octombrie 2017BloombergEU Allowances Fall After Marathon Talks Fail to Get Deal
12 octombrie 2017MontelEU ETS reform deal unlikely today – poll 
11 octombrie 2017Carbon PulsePOLL: Higher EU carbon prices are here to stay, say analysts
11 octombrie 2017ACOGENPrecios CO2
10 octombrie 2017BloombergEU Allowances Gain as Call-Options Trade Advances
10 octombrie 2017Industria della cartaMercato CO2
09 octombrie 2017Carbon PulseEU Market: EUAs stay close to €7 as observers predict ETS talks will rumble on
02 octombrie 2017BloombergEU Benchmark Allowances Drop as Auction Demand Falls
20 septembrie 2017CireVertis Environmental Finance przejęła Alco2
20 septembrie 2017wnp.plRynek CO2. Vertis przejął Alco2
18 septembrie 2017Handel EmisjamibCo2Vertis Environmental Finance przejęła Alco2
18 septembrie 2017Carbon PulseVertis acquires Brussels-based carbon traders Alco2 in Western European push
18 septembrie 2017BloombergEU Permits Drop Second Day as Weekly Volume at 2017 High
14 septembrie 2017wnp.plJest porozumienie sprzyjające wzrostowi cen CO2
14 septembrie 2017CireCeny uprawnień do emisji powyżej 7,60 EUR/EUA
14 septembrie 2017AcogenPrecios CO2
08 septembrie 2017MontelCO2: EUAs stehen vor steilstem Wochengewinn seit Ende 2016
07 septembrie 2017CireAnulowana aukcja CO2 na EEX
07 septembrie 2017CireCeny uprawnień do emisji CO2 najwyższe od 17 miesięcy!
22 august 2017ArgusEU ETS volumes above average amid nuclear concerns
21 august 2017Carbon PulseEU Market: EUAs sink back from 5.5-mth high as full auctions loom
18 august 2017wnp.plNie ma wakacji na rynku CO2. Ceny blisko 6 euro/tona CO2
14 august 2017BloombergEU Permits Rise to Month High as Auction Volume Drops
26 iulie 2017PlattsEUA auction bids may skew demand picture
24 iulie 2017Carbon PulseEU Market: EUAs inch higher as auction crimp looms
17 iulie 2017BloombergEU Permits Fluctuate as Volume Advances to Month High
12 iulie 2017Carbon PulsePOLL: Analysts trim near/term EUA price forecasts as auctions put a damper on market
12 iulie 2017Carbon PulseCarbon brokers Vertis opens sixth European office in Poland
03 iulie 2017Carbon PulseEU Market: EUAs hit 1-mth high on late buying, but ‘mixed’ signs dot road ahead
03 iulie 2017wnp.plT. Bujacz, Vertis: Brexit ma bardzo duże znacznie dla sytuacji na rynku CO2
03 iulie 2017BloombergEU Allowances Fluctuate After Advancing for Two Months
26 iunie 2017Carbon PulseEU Market: EUAs dip to 1-month low as lawmakers to resume ETS talks
26 iunie 2017BloombergEU Permits Decline as Lawmakers Meet on Market Rules
19 iunie 2017BloombergEU Permits Fall to Lowest Since May 24 as Supply Rises
12 iunie 2017Carbon PulseEU Market: EUAs run out of steam to end below €5
12 iunie 2017BloombergEU Permits Decline as Profit From Burning Coal Shrinks
22 mai 2017BloombergEU Carbon Jumps to 5-Week High as Sale Cover Advances
15 mai 2017BloombergEU Permits Fluctuate as Profit From Burning Coal Rises
02 mai 2017BloombergEU Permits Drop to Lowest Since Dec. as Sale Cover Falls
24 aprilie 2017BloombergEU Permits Rise as European Political Risk Seen Reducing
18 aprilie 2017Carbon PulseEU Market: EUAs dip, shrugging off news of surprise UK election
18 aprilie 2017BloombergEU Permits Drop as Profit From Coal in Germany Shrinks
08 aprilie 2017El PaísLa pequeña fábrica que hizo temblar la lucha europea contra el cambio climático
03 aprilie 2017Carbon PulseEU ETS emissions fell 2.6% in 2016, preliminary data shows
03 aprilie 2017El PaísLas emisiones de CO2 de la industria, el sector eléctrico y la aviación caen un 9%
20 martie 2017BloombergEU Allowances Fall to Lowest in a Month as Natgas Drops
20 martie 2017BloombergEU Allowances Slip, Trade at 200-Day Moving Average
06 martie 2017BloombergEU Permits Drop as Natgas Reaches Lowest Since Dec. 12

Eticheta energetică

Ordinul 69/2.07.2009 al Președintelui Autorității Naționale de Reglementare în domeniul Energiei stabileşte regulamentul de etichetare a energiei electrice.

Vertis Energy S.A.– Eticheta Energiei Electrice pentru anul 2015

Vertis Energy S.A.– Eticheta Energiei Electrice pentru anul 2014

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Vertis enters renewable energy market and is member of RECS International
25 September 2017
Vertis Environmental Finance started the trading of Guarantees of Origin (GOs), a special tracking certificate that labels...
Vertis acquires Alco2
18 September 2017
Vertis Environmental Finance has completed the acquisition of Alco2, the Brussels based emissions trading firm. Alco2 team...

trading room

EUA Dec17: MACD climbed above signal curve on week of trilogue
16 October 2017
Expectations about and results of the trilogue negotiations about the reform of the EU ETS kept the price of the EUA Dec17...
EUA Dec17: Growing uncertainties about this week's trilogue
09 October 2017
With the next trilogue meeting approaching and market participants getting more cautious, the volatility in the carbon market...
EUA Dec17: 20% less allowances to be auctioned this week
02 October 2017
Helped by the improving German dark spread and optimism about the reform of the system, the EUA Dec17 gained more than 6...

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