Vertis is pleased to announce the launch of the first dedicated online shop to purchase small volumes of carbon allowances to comply with the EU ETS.

Aircraft operators and small emitters in the EU Emissions Trading System can now purchase limited amount of EUAs with a credit card, with only a few clicks. Read more or access the EUA webshop at vertis.aero


From 2012, airlines are included in the EU Emission Trading Scheme. In 2013, the scope was temporarily reduced to cover only intra-European flights in order to allow for a global agreement to be reached at ICAO ("stop the clock"). Airlines are looking to navigate the scheme safely – to comply with their obligations at the lowest cost and without taking undue risk.

With our over 10 year experience in emissions trading, we can help you to:
  • avoid speculation by developing a sensible trading strategy
  • setup a trading account to make it easy to trade in the EU ETS
  • get the best terms for spot and forward trading
  • keep you informed of key developments impacting the market and your compliance strategy.


ICAO has agreed on a global market-based measure (GMBM) to control CO2 emissions from international aviation. This measure, called CORSIA, consists of a global offsetting scheme, in which aircraft operators would be required, from 2021, to purchase emissions units, generated by projects in other sectors, to cover any growth in CO2 emissions above 2020 levels.

CORSIA will be implemented in phases, starting with participation of States on a voluntary basis (2021-2026), followed by participation of all other States (2027-2035) except those exempted due to very low level of economic development or those with a very small share of international aviation activity. Coverage of the system is established on the basis of routes between states and providing equal treatment to all aircraft operators flying on a given route. Thus, only routes between States that are participating in the Scheme will be covered for offsetting requirements.  

66 States have already volunteered to participate in the first phase, potentially covering 80% of all international aviation emissions, meaning a positive step forward to contribute to keep the global temperature rise well-below 2 degrees Celsius as agreed in Paris. However, many important elements need to be developed over the next three years to enable the full implementation of CORSIA such as the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system, the establishment of Registries, and the definition of the criteria for emissions units to be purchased by aircraft operators.

Now, following the ICAO deal, the EU must decide whether to extend an exemption for international flights from its ETS beyond next year.


Join the Aviation Conference “NAVIGATING CORSIA AND THE EU ETS” the 29th November in Madrid! The workshop will bring together policy makers, authorities, aircraft operators and carbon market experts to learn the details of CORSIA, understand the potential impacts on the EU ETS and carbon markets and discuss what it means for your business. You can find more information in the following link

Networking Cocktail Ecosphere+ Sponsorship!

We are delighted to announce that Conference participants will be invited to enjoy a Networking Cocktail to take place on 28th November at Restaurante Remigio (Paseo de la Castellana 74) at 8:30pm. You can find more information in the following link.

To see the programme click here.

To register click here

Why begin your emissions trading with us?

Because you will benefit from our passion of getting people involved in emissions trading. We have been doing this since 2001, including setting up hundreds of clients from 2004 in the EU ETS.

And because we are very good at it, you can focus on your job, and save time and money:

Experienced We are very experienced, having traded over 700 million EUAs and over 120 million CERs and ERUs
TrustedEvery week we handle millions of Euros of clients’ money
FrankWe tell you how it is; we don’t try and make it look more complicated than it is
FastWe decide, contract and transact quickly - you get your cash and units same day
Innovative yet carefulWe come up with new ways of solving problems, cutting risks and making money for you.

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