Vertis è una società d’intermediazione nel mercato dei prodotti ambientali, specializzata in emissioni ed efficienza energetica.

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Vertis nel mercato delle energie rinnovabili ed è membro del RECS International
25 September 2017
Vertis Environmental Finance ha avviato lo scambio di garanzie d’origine (GO), un certificato che etichetta l’...
Vertis acquisisce Alco2
18 September 2017
Vertis Environmental Finance ha completato l’acquisizione di Alco2, società di trading di emissioni con sede a Bruxelles...

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EUA Dec17: MACD climbed above signal curve on week of trilogue
16 October 2017
Expectations about and results of the trilogue negotiations about the reform of the EU ETS kept the price of the EUA Dec17...
EUA Dec17: Growing uncertainties about this week's trilogue
09 October 2017
With the next trilogue meeting approaching and market participants getting more cautious, the volatility in the carbon market...
EUA Dec17: 20% less allowances to be auctioned this week
02 October 2017
Helped by the improving German dark spread and optimism about the reform of the system, the EUA Dec17 gained more than 6...

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