Vertis is an environmental commodities trader, specialising in emissions, second generation biofuels and energy certificates.

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Meet Vertis at the 3rd Emission Trading Summit in Warsaw!
05 November 2014
Learn about future developments in the carbon market. Take the opportunity to discuss your trading strategy with us. CBE...
Time to say goodbye! (to CP1 Kyoto credits)
16 October 2014
According to Art. 11a 2 of the EU ETS Directive, Kyoto credits (CERs and ERUs) that were issued before 31st December 2012...
Seven signs you know your carbon market
23 July 2014
If you can answer these questions, you are on the ball. If not, it might be an idea to call your trader. 1. How did the...

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EUA Dec14: End of gains?
17 November 2014
Despite gains in German power and fuel prices the EUA Dec-14 contract closed Monday’s session at 6.72 euro, some 0.04...
EUA Dec14: Nothing can stop the rally?
10 November 2014
I nterestingly, the EUA Dec14 formed three bullish engulfing forms during the last week providing a strong bullish signal...
EUA Dec14: Consolidation after Council conclusions and before ENVI meeting
03 November 2014
The positive news about an unanimous agreement in the Council about the 2030 targets pulled the EUA Dec14 to 6.44 euro and...

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