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Carbon market event calendar for 1H 2015
20 January 2015
Price Forecast Competition 2014/2015
15 January 2015
In February 2014, when volatility in the carbon market was significant due to the start of back-loading and discussions...
2014 EU ETS highlights
08 January 2015
2014 was another busy year for the EU ETS and its participants with key events that will influence the carbon market’s...

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EUA Dec15: Weighing the options after the ITRE shock
26 January 2015
The EUA Dec15 had a strong start to the week as positive news from the shadows’ meeting in the ITRE committee pulled the...
EUA Dec15: Political decisions might pull the price out of its comfort zone
19 January 2015
As we wrote in the previous issue there were several signs for the market looking for a bottom in the first week of January...
EUA Dec15: Will Spain or the Czech Republic make the price leave its comfort zone?
12 January 2015
Despite the fact that carbon market analysts raised their expectations for the average EUA price in 2015 to reflect their...

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