Vertis is an environmental commodities trader, specialising in emissions and energy efficiency.

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Bring it in – Price forecast competition 2017
16 January 2017
Last January we invited our clients receiving the Daily Newsletter to do the impossible and guess the highest settlement...
2016 summary
04 January 2017
2016 has taught us to expect the unexpected. Let’s have a look on what shaped the price chart of the emission allowances...
ENVI raised ambition of the ETS reform
16 December 2016
The environment committee of the European Parliament (ENVI) adopted the following amendments to the post-2020 reform proposal...

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EUA Dec17: Rally after hitting a new 2017 low
23 January 2017
car makers Market mood turned gloomy last Monday (due to fears about hard Brexit and Trump’s threat to EU ). The situation...
EUA Dec17: Strong auctions kept the price near 5 euro
16 January 2017
first After the nosediving in the days of the year, the strong result of the first auction of 2017 halted the decline of...
EUA Dec16: ENVI proposals and power prices lifted the price of allowances
19 December 2016
The ambitious reform proposals adopted by the environment committee of the European Parliament and the higher German power...

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