Vertis is an environmental commodities trader, specialising in emissions and energy efficiency.

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Surfing on the wave of compliance
26 April 2016
Although the price of the EUA Dec16 is still some 28% below the settlement price from 31 December 2015, it has gained almost...
Choose Vertis’ priority lane for compliance!
22 April 2016
Whether you are a new entrant in the EU ETS doing your first compliance period, or you have been involved for a while, you...
Don’t panic, be prepared!
19 April 2016
There are only 9 days left to comply for your 2015 emissions and there are some critical issues to be conscious of: 1. According...

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EUA Dec16: Correction after touching 7 euro
02 May 2016
Despite some initial hesitation due to the energy mix in red, the EUA Dec16 climbed higher to hit a new 3-month high at...
The EUA Dec16 got overbought before the compliance deadline
25 April 2016
The EUA Dec16 digested quickly the steep fall in the price of Brent. The price opened at 5.45 euro on Monda y , 3 cents...
EUA Dec16: More negative than positive factors identified for this week
18 April 2016
Supported by higher power and oil prices, a strong auction result and compliance buying, the EUA Dec16 posted a rally of...

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