Vertis is an environmental commodities trader, specialising in emissions and energy efficiency.

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Looking for a predictable price in times of an unpredictable market?
26 January 2016
Impacted by plummeting oil and power, the price of emissions allowances dived to 5.87 euro in January 2016, a loss of almost...
Shall we believe our eyes, or not?
21 January 2016
The EUA Dec16 gained 0.6% on Monday and advanced by further 2.4% yesterday. After the sharp losses of 18.9% since 31 December...
PRICE COMPETITION 2016 – Mission impossible?
13 January 2016
Whoever saw the EUA price gaining 11% in 2015 and losing 13.5% in the first week of 2016, would think that forecasting the...

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EUA Dec16 left one question mark (doji candle) last Friday
08 February 2016
Markets received a hit Monday morning from China again and got on a sharply declining path. Manufacturing activity in the...
EUA Dec16: Time for consolidation after 30% loss in January
01 February 2016
Last Monday, the EUA Dec16 closed below 6 euro for the first time since October 2014. The contract fell to an intraday low...
ECB helped markets in climbing higher, including carbon
25 January 2016
The EUA Dec16 started the week on a roller coaster . After opening 10 cents above Friday’s settlement price, it fell to...

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