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Preparing for the COP21 in Paris
03 November 2015
Although we don’t expect the Paris agreement to have any major direct impact on the EUA price, the COP21 will be the main...
Focus on COP21 before shifting to EU ETS reforms again
28 October 2015
After EU environment ministers had a first look at the European Commission’s reform proposals for the post-2020 period...
Do you need a bullet-proof EUA price until 2020?
22 October 2015
European environment ministers will meet next Monday, the 26th of October to discuss the post 2020 reforms of the EU ETS...

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EUA Dec15: Breaking cautiously from the declining trend channel
23 November 2015
The benchmark carbon contract broke from the short term declining trend channel that started on the last day of October...
EUA Dec15: ECJ opinion might increase volatility this week
09 November 2015
After a week opening in the German front year power, the EUA Dec15 fell to 8.52 euro Monday morning. Recovering power prices...
EUA Dec15: German power prices might provide direction to the price this week
02 November 2015
After the rally on the Friday before the EUA Dec15 took a break on Monday. The middle point of Friday's candle at 8.55 euro...

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